AI is eating the world

“Software is eating the world.”

Marc Andreesen, who created the world's first web browser, Mosaic, and founded Netscape, said in a 2011 column in the Wall Street Journal that software is eating the world.

Marc Andreesen explains that Amazon, the world's largest bookstore, is actually a software company, and Netflix, the world's largest video content company, is also a software company. Spotify, music service provider, is also a software company, Pixar, which is acquired by Disney, is also a software company, and a software company Google has become the world's largest marketing platform. PayPal, which innovates the financial industry, has the essence of a software company, and even existing IT companies such as Oracle are under threat from software startups.

Marc Andreesen is highly acknowledged for putting these outstanding insights into action. He founded venture capital and invested in new software companies, generating record profits. A venture capital named Andrewson Horowitz (a16z), which he co-founded, invested in Facebook, Slack, Instagram, and Skype. In 2018, it founded a crypto fund to invest in Libra and Coinbase.

“AI is eating the software.”

Six years later, Jensen Huang, founder of Nvidia, wrote in a 2017 MIT Technology Review column that it is AI that eats software.

Jensen Huang asserts in his column that a new programming paradigm called Machine Learning will replace the traditional performance and development methodology of software, which in turn will eventually transform medicine and the automotive industry. He even declares that NVIDIA's graphics processing units (GPUs) will compensate for the physical limitations of Moore's Law (a rule that the performance of a semiconductor chip will double every two years).

Jensen Huang reveals a stronger vision for AI with an additional personal column posted on LinkedIn since the release of the column in the MIT Technology Review.

He emphasizes that the ecosystem around the AI revolution is growing and that deep learning is a must for all companies. And he declares that AI is able to create the Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci of our time.

"AI is eating the world."

Now, combining Marc Andreesen and Jensen Huang's predictions, we are now able to say that 'AI eats the world' because AI is eating up the software, which has already been eating up the entire world.

Machine learning techniques have begun to replace traditional programming methodologies, and deep learning easily solves problems that had been difficult to solve with traditional programming methodologies. Can real-time automatic driving of self-driving cars be implemented with traditional programming without using deep learning techniques? It has been a long time since AlphaGo won over Lee Se-dol of 9th dan rank, but traditional programming methods of the past without AI still cannot defeat top-class Go players.

Meanwhile, AI is increasingly coming to our lives by being built into the internal functions of the software we use. Data visualization software Power BI, for example, is already equipped with an AI analysis button. AI analysis can be easily performed without having to know the technology of complex deep learning. Soon, programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will also be equipped with AI analysis buttons.

When AI eats the world, it means that AI eats each industry. In other words, AI will eat finance, agriculture, design, and education.

In particular, the education industry is facing a major change caused by the irreversible wave of AI.

Education directors at large corporations are rapidly training their CEOs and employees with AI expertise. In the future, the gap between companies that train AI and those that do not will widen. When companies change, the research and education system of business administration, which is in direct contact with the corporate field, will need to be rapidly transformed to incorporate AI. In addition, in the future, all students will learn AI as a commonsense of essential knowledge. The introduction of AI subjects into the high school curriculum from 2021 represents an official signal.

On the other hand, at the beginning of a new change, exaggerated businessmen are all over the industry and the value of certain companies is often overvalued as a bubble. It is just the same as the beginning of the internet, when companies’ stock rate increased just because they were dot-com companies and the beginning of the blockchain industry when companies claimed that a ridiculous white paper will become a new bitcoin.

Regarding this scene, Marc Andreesen said at the end of his “Software is eating the world” column as follows.

‘Instead of constantly questioning their valuations, let’s seek to understand how the new generation of technology companies are doing what they do, what the broader consequences are for businesses and the economy. That’s a big opportunity. I know where I’m putting my money.’

Kim Moon Soo,

Vice president of aSSIST